Our water supply company is equipped with drive-by radio read meters, our reading takes place around the 25th day of each month depending on our schedule.

Here you can learn how to read your meter and tell if you have a leak in 5 easy steps.

Please be advised there can besnakes, spiders, bugs, and bees that like to call these boxes home usually the bugs wont bother you just be cautious and aware.

 If your meter box is full of water you may have to use a cup to dip it out or just wait until a day when the rainwater is all dried up.

Step 1 Go out to your meter/remove the lid.

Step 2 Make sure no one is inside using water.

Step 3 Flip the meter cap if covered. If not skip this step.

Step 4 Use your hand or a cloth to clean dirt off the glass meter. If no dirt present skip this step.

Step 5 Look at the silver and black dial in the center of the meter. If spinning slow or fast you have water moving through the meter.

There is a diagram below that shows how the meter looks and a detailed representation of how the meter reads.

If you have any questions or need some help call the office. 

Reading Your meter

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