Effective September 1, 2022        new membership fees:

Capital Improvement                                                   $2,200.00

Membership                                                                    $275.00

Standard Installation                                                       $850.00

Road Bore                                                     Quotes given per job


Cut Off & Reconnect                                                        $50.00

Late Payment                                                                    $10.00

Service Trip                                                                      $25.00

Meter Accuracy Check                                                     $25.00

Returned Check                                                                $25.00

Reserved Service Charge                                                  $22.00

Customer Service Inspection                                            $50.00

Non-Standard Service Investigation                         $1,000.00

Temporary Service Deposit                                             $100.00

  Forms & Fees


​              New Customer Requirements:

  1. Copy of Deed or Warranty Deed or Contract for Deed.
  2. Service Application and Easement Forms
  3. Copy of Driver's License or Passport
  4. Membership fee or cost of new service

 If your renting, and you would like your name on the bill and sent to your mailing address, please, fill out the Alternate Billing Agreement and get it approved and signed by the owner and return.

If you would like your information made public contact the office.

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