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Poetry Water Supply Corp.

Poetry Water Supply Corp.

Water Leak Adjustment

If you have a substantial water leak, you may be eligible for an adjustment, each customer may take an adjustment once every three years.

It is calculated by taking your water usage and lowering it to our lowest rate.

Helpful Good Practice Tips

Its good practice to drain your water heater yearly, some people often forget about doing this, most water heater manufacturers recommend this as well or it may void your warranty.

A slow drip can ruin your day when you get a higher water bill. Its also good practice to occasionally look at your water meter and see if you may have a leak. If your unsure how to do this                          for more details.

Leak Letter

If you have received a leak letter from us, you may have a leak, it is recommended to check and see if your meter is spinning before calling a plumber. Our reading software only notifies us while we are reading, if the meter has been turning for a consecutive 24hr period.

Here are some examples of what can trigger the alert: pipe bust, toilets hanging, faucets running, sprinkler system malfunction, soaker hoses on, or simply watering a tree or animal troughs overnight. Please make sure to update your contact information upon paying your next bill so we can give you a call if problems occur.

​If you would like your information made public contact the office.